Were can you get your GED at in Akron Ohio?

The Akron Public Library has a nice 1 page pamphlet on GED resources.

I need to find a place in Toledo, Ohio, to take my GED.?

Does anyone know where I can find a school or place where I can study for my GED?

Call the school district. If they don’t run them, they can tell you who does. Librarians usually also know.

Can an 18 yr old in Ohio move out of their parents house with a GED, or do you have to graduate high school?

I’ve been so confused on this subject. It’s not for emancipation because Ohio doesn’t have that. I’m just curious because I’m hearing so many different answerers, for example i have to graduate high school so i can move out, because while still in high school parents still have a responsibilty over me.

But then i thought of a GED, so will i be able to leave with one? Or do i really have to graduate?
Another reason i’m asking if because my mom said she would do whatever to get me to stay home. She would involve the police as well. Usually she wins

if your 18, your an adult. do whatever you want.

where is stanley hamilton’s ged certificate in akron ohio?

On the corner of E. Tallmadge Avenue and North Main Street.

where to take ged test in columbus ohio?

Columbus State Community College offers it.

GED Preparation Department
Columbus State Community College
Building CL, Room 110
550 East Spring Street, P.O. Box 1609
Columbus, OH 43216-1609
Telephone: 614/287-3983

I found this be searching around on thier website, it’s www.cscc.edu

Good Luck!!!

my bf wants to get his ged how much are classes in ohio?

he will be taking it in mansfield, ohio but he wants all the help he can get he has numerous online test he can take but he also wants classes

Contact a local technical school. They should be able to get him into a program, and advance him to college after he finishes.

were can i go get my ged in wooster ohio?

Just call the dept of education in your state. They will give you all the information you need.
One word of advice, you do not need to go to that bunch of long drawn-out classes to study for it.
AND it only takes an 8th grade education to pass a GED test.

What are jobs in ohio that you can have without a GED?

I was always home schooled and I am often told I am well spoken. I would say english is my strongest "subject", math my weakest. I need to get a GED but I have to study math first so that I am able to pass the GED. In the mean time I need a job and want to know what I could apply for? I would like do something kind of office oriented. I also have good computer skills. I live in Ohio, I am adding that as job requirements may vary from state to state. I have done eldercare for a private person (not say a nursing home) but other than that this would be my first job, I am almost 19.

I would say Mickey D’s….but if you can work in home health care then maybe you can go to one of those adult day care centers or find a company that hires people to work in a home of an elderly person (but I think you have to be a CNA) or you can be a nanny for a disabled child or a house with small children. It beats being a stripper. I’m not sure you can get a clerical job….unless you go through a temp agency and score really well on their typing, word, and excel exams. Then, they’ll match a good employer for you without the need of you interviewing with the company. Good luck…hurry up and get that G.E.D. and more if possible.

Anyone know the requirements to get your GED in Ohio?

I’m 17 and have a parent to sign…

I believe you have to be dropped out of school awhile before you can actually take it. I know they’ll probably make you do classes to determine when your ready to take it.

how old do you have to be to drop out of school and get your GED in Ohio ?

Im 16, almost 17 and im in high school. well im suppose ta be going into the 11th grade but not now. i have a total of 2 1/2 credits and by the end of this year i will have 5 1/2 and thats not even enough to make me a sophmore . so im pretty much done tryin. because i dont want to be in the 10th grade turning 18 . i just wanna drop out and get my GED and just be done with it.

Wow they hold you back in Ohio?
I got straight F’s Freshmen and Sophomore year..
And i still got through. Maybe you should try Home Studies.
Where i live, you have to be 18 to take your GED.