Announcement: Some Information For The Ohio GED Online

Should you be a person lives in the state of Ohio and has dropped out of high school and wishes to get a high school equivalency diploma then perhaps getting the GED certificate is the answer. Here is some information on how to get the Ohio GED online.

For anyone who wants to be take the GED exam will need to meet some requirements. An individual should be at least 18 years old or older, this person also must be a resident of the state of Ohio, must have been out of high school for a period of six months.

The exam format will consist of five different subjects which are taken over a seven and a half hour time period. The first text is Language Arts, which is a written exam. You will be expected to write a forty five minute essay question. Then there is the Language arts exam, which is a reading text.

Mathematics is the next exam and consist of two parts. Then you will have Science and also Social Studies. There is a scoring system you will need to go by in order for you to pass. The scores will range from the minimum of 200 up to the maximum of 800 for each subject. The minimum that is required for each section of the exam will be 410.

The total minimum that is required for all of these test subjects will be 2050. Anyone can retake part or all of this exam until they reach a passing score to obtain the GED.

You must first have the registration complete at one of the several Ohio testing centers. You must pay a fee and also have some sufficient identification along with your social security number and some proof of your residency. You can take this exam right online through certain websites that are available for those who want to take the exam over the internet instead of going to a center.

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Were can i find a Ged class on line to do from home for free?

Im at home mom of one. I would like to better my life and get a Ged. I dont have the money so I was woundering if there was a free Ged class on line so I can thak it from home.I have a daughter to worry about and I need to begen are lifes.The first step is to Get my Ged and then a good job.Its so hard to find a good job with out a Ged.Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you
Eva Smith Of Ohio

pbs has courses on all the time. teaches math reading all of it. Good luck and its nice to see you wanting to better yourself


…who do you feel benefits from this?
the daughter has admitted that she was rebellious & has tried to change & was studying to pass her math… & failed twice at getting her GED… apparently the father had custody of her at the time… however when she attempted to get her GED.. she was already living in her own place at age 18 and will be 19 yrs old soon… the father’s attorney is trying to get the father out on being able to wear an ankle monitor.. the court order was issued 2 years ago.. it’s sad.. too bad he didn’t ask the court for a modification of the order.. when his daughter moved out..

i have seen instances like this in California as well.. even with the best of parenting you can’t always predict what your children will do.. of course we only know part of the story… in this instance… i would feel the judgment is moot.. for what benefit the punishment..? will it help this girl to get her GED…? and in other cases.. children were put in foster care when the parent was arrested.. sure that helps


There are a lot of things wrong with this, and a quick look at the story makes it clear that most people agree. Here are my reasons, starting with the least important.

5. The jails are already full, so putting him in there is a waste of already strapped resources.

4. It will not solve the problem, since the father being in jail will not help his daughter study. It may or may not be motivational, but stress has been shown to harm learning, not help it.

3. It seems manifestly unfair since the daughter is an adult now and was living with her mother.

2. Lots of adults in the US do not have a high-school diploma or GED, and I have never heard that it is a crime not to have one. Truancy is a crime, but the parents clearly were not negligent. They just weren’t successful at stopping the problem.

1. I can’t even imagine what crime he could be convicted of violating, except for failing to meet the demands of a court order. A judge can jail someone for that, but the court order must then be scrutinized to see if it is just, and this one clearly isn’t.

I hope he gets out soon on appeal.

How would I find out my scores for a GED test I took back in 1970 (Erie County)?

I took my Ged when I was in Attica…I been living in ohio for the past 37 years, but I need to know how to get my scores.
Thank you

Trying checking with the board of education in the city/county you took the test. They have to have it on file somewhere.

After Meps when are the soonest GED Plus Program start dates?

i have been looking all over to find out the soonest ged plus program start dates and havent found anything, i go to meps may 10, in columbus ohio and after that im elegible for the ged plus program can anyone tell me when the start dates are or a website to look at them? also do you get sent straight to BCT after u finish the ged plus program? thanks for the help

you wont find anything because that program no longer exists

when you get your ged can you still get your license at 16?

Im 16, from ohio and Im going to get my Ged soon, If you have your GED at 16 do you have to wait until you are 18 to get your drivers License in Ohio?

Once you have your GED you can get your license.

What’s the difference between getting you High School Diploma and your GED?

I have been homeschool sine I was in the like 10 years old and this year I’m a SENIOR in high school. I was homeschooled with different programs over the past years, but this time my parents are doing it themselves. If I would have stayed with a school I would have had to take the Ohio Graduation Test(ogt) to graduate. But this year how will I still get my GED? And what is the big difference between the two?

+ Pretty easy/quick test
+ Equivalent to a High School Diploma
+ Easily accepted into community college
+/- Depending on what university you plan on going to, they will accept you if you have high enough ACT/SAT scores
– People are associated with the stigma of being lazy/incompetent dropouts
– Can be a hassle when searching for a job (even though hirers aren’t suppose to be biased or prejudice)


Lastly, your future plans may dictate whether to try for a GED or high school diploma. Many employers won’t care whether or not you have a GED or a high school diploma. Similarly, most community colleges have no problems admitting people with a GED instead of a high school diploma. If you want to go to a university or a four-year college, you may want to consider getting a high school diploma, or, if that is impossible, spending a year at a community college so you can demonstrate your academic skill to a college or a university. If you simply plan on going to work, your references, resume, and the job skills you bring to the table will be much more important than whether or not you have a GED or a high school diploma.

what form do you need if your mom signed you out of school to take the ged test?

Im 17 and i have been signed out of school and from ohio . I want to take the ged test and im not sure if you need a form from my school.

I’m not sure what form your talking about, But Here check this website…It’s the Ohio GED site:

Career as firefighter with felony in ohio?

Can someone who is currently in prison and getting released april 15, 2009 get hired as a firefighter in the state of ohio? He obtained his GED and completed some college courses. He was charged with attempted felonious assault. He is 24 years old.

Was he convicted or only charged?. If he was convicted he cannot work as a firefighter.

What is a good website to find free online GED classes?

I live in Ohio and want to get my GED but I want to do it online and for free.I have a mental disorder that I see a Professional about weekly and I can’t stand to be around others for long amounts of time so me going to real life classes is out of the question.
I’d appreciate any help or advice you can give me.

jefferson high school i think its like or something..not positive but i had got and recived my ged in less than a week and it was only 200 bucks which is the best deal i found and the test wasnt too hard at all and you get hints and most of the questions and anwsers are on yahoo anwsers.. but i looked online for free and some websites came up so you should give them a shot