Announcement: NYS GED For A Brighter Outlook On Your Future

If you are part of the large amount of people in the state of New York who never graduated high school, then you should consider getting your GED diploma. The GED is well worth getting and can help to open up doors for some advance training, which could lead you to a brighter future. You can obtain this diploma by getting the NYS GED and help to increase your financial security.

Every year there are thousands of people who are choosing to take the general educational development exam, which is a replacement for a high school diploma. This GED shall offer people the chance to get themselves a better job or even attend college to further their education.

There are five section to the New York GED exam. They are the language arts, science, social studies, reading and math. The language arts and the math are the only ones that have two parts to the test. All candidates will not be expected to know every bit of information that is taught in high school, but they will be expected to be able to process some information, read effectively and solve problems, which is basically what is part of each test. This GED exam is offered in English, French and Spanish by the state of New York.

As the case with several other states, every section of the test for the GED exam will be scored on a scale from 200 up to 800. Every score will reflect a percentile ranking that is from one up to ninety nine. The participant will need to have around 410 points on every part of the test and with an over all average of 450 for each section.

Should you fail to reach the score that is required to pass the exam, then the state of New York will allow you to re take all or just part of the exam three times during the year. Your highest score will stand, so this means that should your second score be lower than the first time, the score that was the highest will be the one that the state will make official.

New York states requirements are that you will need to be at least 17 years old and are not enrolled in any school at the time of the testing. Should you be at the age of 16 or over the age of 19, then you will need to fill out an application. You will need to fill out the application if it has been more than one year that has past your projected high school graduation day. Military and prisoners are also found to be eligible for the testing too.

For you to register for this exam you shall need to fill out another application and also show proof of your identity with some kind of valid drivers license or another form of identification. You will be expected to choose two testing dates about eight weeks before the exams can be taken. You can mail the application or just take it to your local testing facility.

You can find several online sites to help you to prepare form the exam. The American counsel of education will offer a list of sample questions and offer some study and also some strategy tips that can be helpful for you to pass this exam.

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I don’t have a clue what I want to be.?

I’m 19 years old.
I know, I know seems like the golden age for this kind of question.

I dropped out of high school two months into my senior year. It was for a safety reason, not because I wasn’t smart enough. I got my GED the following summer with top marks.

My problem, is I don’t know what I want to do with my life.

I’ve thought about a few things:

English Teacher
NYS Trooper [family of cops]
Hair dresser
Motivational Speaker [from my personal experiences etc.]

But they all have pulls to someone in my family wishing I would take one of these career paths, and I just don’t see myself happy in any of them.

I feel like a loser for not having the drive to do something. I don’t even have a job right now.

How have some of you figured out what you want to do in life? Or am I alone in being desperately clueless because nothing appeals to me and it feels like I have no interests, but all the ambition in the world to do something.

Believe me, you are not a loser. I’m 30 years old and still struggle with that question. Some people are just lucky to have jobs right now and some people are even luckier to know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives right off the bat. But, like you and I, are just waiting for that moment to find out exactly what we want to do and there is nothing wrong with that. Try to enroll in some classes at a local college to get your juices flowing. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, you’ll have some college experience under your belt and you can at least find a decent job until you find yourself.

Is this a good resume to get a college or Highschool music teaching job?

Any suggestion?Thanks


To whom it may concern,
I am interested in the position that you are offering because I enjoy working with students and opening them up to new learning experiences. My ability to relate well with the younger generation helps promote a sense of respect and creativity in the learning environment.

My name

Brooklyn College: B.A in Education and Minor in Music

NYS Teachers License (pending)

NYC Public School Substitute Teacher 2000 -2003
-taught students in the following subjects: Math, English, Reading, and Music ,grades Pk- 8.

Math and Reading Teacher, Acorn High School 2003-2005
-taught GED algebra and geometry to high school students
-taught students English, vocabulary, and phonics skills

Music Writer/In House Producer for Marley Marl Productions 1998-2003
-recorded, produced and performed with legendary music celebrities such as Roy Ayers, Big Pun, Marley Marl and LL Cool J
-composed, produced, and arranged music on various piano projects

Founder and CEO of “School of Rockk” Music Conservatory 1998- Present
-taught piano and music technology
-worked with all age groups and students with disabilities

Ability to read and write music notation and theory
Engineer, mix , and sequence on most recording gear
Wrote and published many articles for KORG synthesizer corporation
Able to use current computer music software for MIDI recording
Can repair, troubleshoot, and diagnose most keyboards
Released an album in Tower Records
Recorded several tracks with the British pop girl band Espree
Produced records and played for Marley Marl, LL Cool J, Edwin Birdsong, Roy Ayers, and Big Pun
A member of the Internet Movie Data Base

Your cover letter isn’t professional enough…it isn’t specific to the school in which you are applying which is a RED flag to principals that you are desperate and are applying everywhere.

I’m an art teacher but here is an example of a more professionally written cover letter-
May 8, 2008

Mrs. Cheryl Ross-Audley Re: Elementary Art Position
Alexandria City Public Schools
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
2000 N. Beauregard Street, Suite 107 

Alexandria, Virginia 22311 

Dear Mrs. Cheryl Ross-Audley,

I would like the opportunity to discuss with you how my skill set could benefit Alexandria City Schools.
As you will note in the enclosed resume, I am presently employed with the ___________ School District. I have taught elementary art for seven years, four at ______ Elementary in ________,_________ and three at _______ Elementary in _________,______. My current or former principals could provide you excellent references on my behalf.
In addition, I have teaching experience at _____ and ________. I graduated in 2001 from______ State University, earning the distinction of Outstanding Senior in Art Education. I completed my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership in 2004 from _____ State University.
As my references can attest, I am a self-motivated, hands-on, conscientious person who continuously demonstrates a high level of commitment and a strong work ethic.
Please consider me as a top candidate. I would welcome any opportunity to meet with you and to further discuss my qualifications. You may reach me at (XXX)XXX-XXXX.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

*** look online for more examples and ideas

Opinions on opening up my own music school , please advise?

Im 32, BA in Elementary Education, minor in music. Parttime NYC school teacher. PLaying piano since age 5. Produced for some hop hop celebrities in the early 2000’s.
I live with parents and dont have much money , obviously. lol
Now i want to open up a music school and teach kids piano . I want to teach kids music productions. Have a nice studio in the garagee to teach piano and more. I was thinking of teaching Handicapped and retarded students also. IF i do get married and have kids one day in the future i would like to put the studio in a garage and live next door. I would put a shingle sign on the lawn, just a small one saying " Music conservatory".
My questions are.
1. Do you think i can support my wife and kids doing this if i do have them in the future.

2. Would this be good even thought the economy is bad and people are loosing jobs. Will they have money for lessons. I though because most public schools are shutting down music programs so there WOULD be a need for piano lessons more now then ever and they would come to me.

3. How much should i charge. And how long should the lesson be.

4. Why is my female friend telling me that this is a bad idea and making fun of me that i am a dreamer and this is not a real job and i will be broke.

5 .Should i get a Masters degree in music? what field of music? Seems like you cant do that much with it lol no offense

PLease share your knowledge and answer all and give me all the advise possible



Brooklyn College: B.A in Education and Minor in Music

NYS Teachers License (pending)

NYC Public School Substitute Teacher 2000 -2003
-taught students in the following subjects: Math, English, Reading, and Music ,grades Pk- 8.

Math and Reading Teacher, High School 2003-2005
-taught GED algebra and geometry to high school students
-taught students English, vocabulary, and phonics skills

Music Writer/In House Producer for ***** Productions 1998-2003
-recorded, produced and performed with legendary music celebrities such as ——-
-composed, produced, and arranged music on various piano projects

Ability to read and write music notation and theory
Engineer, mix , and sequence on most recording gear
Wrote and published many articles for KORG synthesizer corporation
Able to use current computer music software for MIDI recording
Can repair, troubleshoot, and diagnose most keyboards
Released an album in Tower Records
Recorded several tracks with the British pop girl band ——–
Produced records and played for ——
A member of the Internet Movie Data Base

1. Absolutely, chances are you can make double or even triple what you would as a public school teacher. It will take time and skill to get to that point.

2. Music and art always survive despite the economy, the great depression bore that out quite well… If you are a good teacher, people will pay. If you are a good businessman, ie finance and marketing, you will make very good money. A shingle on the lawn will not do… its going to take a ton more work on the marketing side than that. Special needs students would be a rare specialty. Do you have any background in teaching special needs kids beyond the minimum required for your teaching license? Its not a calkwalk by any means.

3. You should have a business plan, and a knowledge of your competition and what sets you apart. From there, you will know your value, and can set your prices appropriately. Time wise it will depend on the students age/experience/ability to learn. Fixed time frames for individualized instruction are a holdover from public ed… students do not learn as well in that situation… and as a result, you dont make as much money either.

4. Some dreamers do big things, others only succeed after a ton of failures, others are best being content working for someone else. This will be a huge undertaking if its your solve source of income… are you committed and determined enough to make it go.. 100 hour work weeks are not unrealistic at the start, and you wont be paid for most of it. A driven dreamer can make this work, a passive dreamer likely wont. The question is which are you? Question 3, 4, and 5 suggest you are not driven…otoh, your success in music suggests otherwise. It could be you just lack focus, and once turned on will go full bore.

5. A Masters likely wont help much as far as private instruction goes, unless you want to get into the special needs area or music therapy. You need to look at the costs of 2 more yrs of school, and whether your proposed business can justify the cost.

I’d recommend you go to work for a music store for a year or two giving lessons as an employee. See how you like teaching, see how the business side operates, and from there make the call. To just jump in, without someone else paying for you to get experience often times doesnt work too well.

What age can I drop out of school? Read before you lecture me!?

I’m 17 years old and I live in NYC but go to school in Yonkers. I go to a school for kids with emotional disorders (I’m bipolar and have social anxiety.) At this school, I’m not learning anything. When I got registered for this special education, I was informed of my reading, math and writing levels. I am at a college level of everything except my speed rate, and that was 2 years ago. I have a 504 allowing me extra test time and a separate location. I’ve never failed any type of test, my biggest problem is getting to school because of the anxiety. I hate high school and especially the one I’m in. It’s the third high school I’ve been in, and it’s the best out of the three. I’ve attended Bronx Science (before I was registered for special education) and Summit Nyack (after I was registered.) I’ve been informed that I follow NYC regulations even though I go to a school in NYS, not NYC (if you know anything otherwise, please let me know.) So instead of wasting away my brain in high school, I want to go to college early and start my path to the career choice I’ve chosen (psychology.) So now that you know my reasoning for dropping out, it’s time for the questions. What age can I legally drop out, with parental consent. I just turned 17 in April, so I’m not turning 18 anytime soon. I’ve heard that if you finish out the year at 17 then you may drop out. I am not sure if all that is true. Also, what age can I take the test for my GED? My plan is to get the GED and go to a community college to prove to a university that although I got my GED, I am still fully capable of handling a University. It’s going to be quite a few years of college, considering that I have to get my graduates degree or masters. So I want to start ASAP and get started.


You might try switching schools before you decide to drop out. While I can certainly understand the frustration you must be going through, you have to keep in mind that the colleges you will be applying to will look at dropping out in a negative light. They will be looking at your scores etc., but they will also look at how you finished school.

security guard interview?

I have a security interview in NY, I’ve never had a job before but I volunteered in my high-school guidance counselor office.
Plus i’m now studying for my GED.
I recently completed and got my 8-hr and 16-hr certificates, also my NYS security license.
Are these certificates an advantage towards me in getting the job?

Yes, those will help. But a GED or college education would be better.

Good luck.

Which is better? Earning your degrees online or in a classroom?

I dropped out of high school my senior year in NYS. Then got my GED [with high marks, I dropped out for safety reasons, not because I couldn’t do it.]

I want to be a teacher, and since I dropped out so early in my senior year, I was never there for the college prep talks.

Is it easier to earn your degrees online or in a classroom?

And I mean all aspects, money, time, availability, etc.

I want to be an English Teacher, and I know I have to get my Bachelors and then I want to get my Masters for the best teaching opportunities.

Anyone have any ideas?

Which are better:
Shoes or boots?
Apples or oranges?
Dogs or cats?

About the same sort of question – and the answer is "it depends".

Some facts from my experience of having done both – considerably done both.

* Becoming a teacher – there are very few wholly online programs that will meet this requirement. Even those that are offered via distance learning aren’t wholly online. There are face-to-face requirements that you’ll have to meet such as classroom observations and student teaching. There is no legitimate way around those.

Further, becoming a secondary English teacher often requires a bachelor’s major in English with a teacher education program (5-year program) not simply a BA in English. Make absolutely certain you know what the requirements for a teaching certificate in your state are. A classroom based program has an advantage here because you have access to teaching professionals in your own state that have sent students through the process in your own state.

* easier: classroom is easier, hands down. Online is more convenient and often faster. The same work is required of either but the advantage online has is that of time and location. You can do your work at any time of day from any location that has internet access. It has the distinct disadvantages of ease of contact and motivation. If you need help you have to get it electronically and if you don’t stay self-motivated, you get behind and fail the class. Nobody is there each Tuesday and Thursday to remind you to do that paper by Friday.

* money: online is often costlier but not because of the sticker price. There are far more financial aid options available to in-the-seat programs than to online programs so most classroom students aren’t paying full-price. If you’re paying the whole bill yourself either way then the costs are about equal. It depends on the college – some are more expensive online for the same class, some are not. Note: some states give in-state tuition to all online students. That’s a HUGE cost savings.

* time: for my learning style the online method is more time productive. I tend to self-motivate and am able to read a textbook without having a professor interpret it. Other people are not of the same style and need the formality of a classroom in order to get work done on-track. I like being able to do my work at whatever time of the day or night I want to. Some other people won’t do it if there’s not a specific day each week assigned for the purpose.

* time to completion: online programs often run faster but this is because they tend to not have the breaks that classroom programs have. Many operate with 5 semesters per year with no breaks between semesters. Many others operate on exactly the same schedule as their classroom counterpart. A few (very few) operate on a completely open schedule – you take as little or much time on a class as it takes.

* availability (program): In teaching, for initial certification, quality classroom programs will be much easier to find than will online programs. Most online programs in education are for those already certified to teach but seeking higher levels.

* availability (faculty): There is essentially no faculty availability in an online course – you get questions answered via email or in a forum discussion. You can’t (and shouldn’t) expect online faculty to be as accessible as you’d have in a classroom. In a classroom course you can always make an appointment with a professor or visit a learning center (such as writing lab).

* Master’s: That doesn’t exactly enhance your opportunities as much as it increases your earnings. In some districts it can actually keep you from being employed because the district doesn’t want to pay master’s salary for a classroom teacher. In other districts the master’s has become the basic level requirement of all teachers. That just depends on where you teach. Either way, worry about that one when the time comes – the world of distance education changes considerably in four years.

You could always look for a program that is campus based but also teaches online. The best of both worlds as your needs change and adapt.

GED Questions?

My daughter is sixteen and is bullied at school and can’t bare it anymore.

How old do you have to be to drop out in NYS (w. and w.o. parental consent)?

How old do you have to be to take the GED examination in New York State?

She is going to go to a community college after she gets this, then transfer to another school to get a bachelor’s. she is not doing this because she is lazy or a loser, she is just so run down because of drama. I know she couldn’t bare another year of it


I read that another poster gave you the telephone numbers for NY. Please call them.

I’m sorry your daughter is being bullied, and she’s not the only one, probably dozens of others, and I hope you reported it, some school districts are being sued now, because they did nothing to stop it.

I live in Missouri, and used to teach GED classes. Passing a GED test is not easy. Many colleges and employers know that a GED is ‘just as good", perhaps better than some high school diplomas as far as "certification"of having a good general education.

Your plan is a good one. One hang-up is that, for example, in Missouri, they require a 6 month wait after "drop out" of HS date, and taking the test. This rule is applied to prevent hundreds of Junior and Seniors just dropping out, take the test and get a couple years head start on their peers in entering the job market, or going to college or trade school.

I’d recommend that during the six month or longer wait, that your daughter attend "free" GED classes, to learn what to expect on the tests and tone up her skills. Classes are normally smaller and in evenings. She could take a part-time day job to start raising money for colllege too, while doing this.

Good Luck.

GED and High School Diploma?

I am a New York State HS student and I am a candidate for the NYS Advanced Regents Diploma. I have the oppurtunity to go away to college in my senior year (I’m definitely taking it, so no advice there, please),. Unfortunately, I won’t qualify for as much financial aid uinless I have a GED. My school willl allow me to dual enroll and graduate ater my senior year with whatever credits I earned when I was away, but will I be able to have a diploma and a GED?

No, you get a diploma or a GED not both. A diploma looks better than a GED as far as employers are concerned!

GED Results question?

Im being paranoid lol, I just called the NYS GED hotlline, for my boyfriend. And the automated message said that they mailed him a diploma? OMG he passed right? he passed? lol why else would they send a diploma.

please no mean stupid answers. IM happy dont kill my joy.
Hi Joe! thanks your answer made me laugh. Yeat its a big deal for me, I love him to death, and I know it has not been easy for him, he dropped out of school for dumb reason. He was not blessed with the encouragement and push my family gave me.

I mean, unless its like a "congratulations, you failed" diploma, i think he’s safe

but no, seriously, yeah, he probably passed
its really a big deal for you??