How do i go about getting my GED?

I live in florida, Have no job, barely ever go to high school (senior year too). So probably going to get my GED if i still can and go to the military, any advice?

I live in FL too judging from the description in you question your in your senior year, wait until your 18, you can do it at 17 but your going to go through a long process to do the GED at 17 years old what i mean is your going to have to do the TABE test, then do the official practice GED teest to get a age waiver and then be able to do the GED test, but if you wait until your 18 you can just register for the GED test straight away in a official GED testing center, to find the nearest GED center put your zip code in this website: it will find the nearest GED center for you hope i helped

good luck

Is getting a GED online better than going to a college and getting your GED there?

I am a stay at home mom and i would like to get my ged. My daughter is going to kindergarten and its time i got my GED. But i don’t know about the online ged if some jobs take them or not. I have herd 2 different opinions so im not sure. I really need your help to find out what online places that jobs will take the ged. Thanks

Online GED programs are scams. The GED is not offered online; any site offering to let you take the GED, ‘their GED’, their ‘GED alternative’, or a single test to get a diploma is a scam. They charge more than the real GED costs, it will not be accepted by colleges or employers, and claiming it’s a real GED on your resume is illegal in many states.


Update about getting my GED, trip to Minnesota, moving to Boise and a few other things.

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Does getting your ged allow you to get your license?

I just got my ged but i have only had my permit for 9 months. I am starting college and i need my own transportation. Thank You.

You have to be kidding. You are starting college and have no idea how to get a drivers license in your state. If you have had a learners permit for 9 months, do you even know the requirements for a drivers license? Read the booklet or direction they have given you and do what it says. It sounds like you need professional help, like a drivers training class to help you get this drivers license.

How does having a GED effect getting into the Navy?

My husband is seriously wanting to join the Navy but he has a GED. Other than getting 15 college credits, scoring higher than average on his asvab, and the fact that they only enlist a few people with GEDs each year, what are the other negatives? Can he still receive a sign on bonus? Is it harder to move up in rank? thanks

It doesn’t. Your husband must have EITHER a GED or have graduated from High School.

For complete Navy enlistment requirements, see this link:

Does getting a GED in Texas when you are 17 make you an adult?

I think that I read somewhere before that in Texas if a 17-year-old graduates high school or receives a GED, that they can legally be considered an adult. Is this true? If so, are all limitiations that are imposed on minors gone, such as being able to own property, get married, etc?
actually you can’t get a GED until you’re 17 and even then only if your parent lets you, so your statement "anyone can get a GED," within the scope of my question, is false

Nope, not true. Getting a GED or graduating high school does not make you an adult.

High School DIPLOMA vs GED

Stupidly,people seem to believe that because you have a high school diploma that that makes you smarter than someone who has a ged.Thats the most retarded thing that ive heard in my life.Just because you have a diploma doesnt mean that you are any smarter than someone who has a ged

Also many people will hire someone with a high school diploma before they hire someone with a ged and i feel that is so ignorant.Half of the time people who get their high school diplomas just go through school getting passed from grade to grade without really accomplishing and learning anything

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how soon after getting you ged can you start college ?

im 17 and i plan on getting my ged so i can get out of school and start college right away and not waste one more year in high school can i start college right away after getting my ged results ?

You can start college as soon as you have your GED results sent the the school of your choice. Do keep in mind the most Universities do not accept the GED so you would have to attend Community College first then transfer. If you can get you High School Diploma that would be your best option.

How does one go about getting their GED and appx how long will it take?

Links would be helpful. I live in Tacoma, WA if that is of any use (b/c I know different states have different rules regarding the GED).

My mental health counselor is having me write a paper for her describing and defining my ideal life as it would be five years from now, that’s why I’m asking.

This website throughly explains the steps to take to get your GED.

Getting Schooled @ The GED – Lesson Two

Lesson Two: Wookiee with POV from 1st rider on top tube of Wookiee’s demo folled by Sick Nick Olson

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