Eazy GED study? (MATH SPELLING)?

(already took pretest)I HAD A GOOD SCORE!!!!!!!!

Try the Kaplan books. I taught at one of the centers for a little while and was impressed with the quality of product that they turned out.

The link below is to their general book ($15) and will probably be all that you need if your pretest scores were good.

is the GED test hard?

im 16 and i just got a 12 on my tabe test and they want me to go straight to taking the test…on the pretest i scored a 560 and above on every subject will the actual test be alot harder then the pretest?

No the test is just as easy as the pretest.

GED question???????????

i am enrolled in a class to help me prepare for the GED tests and i have been working out of a book taking practice tests, i score high on the practice tests but i hear they are much easyer then the real thing. my friend got his GED 1 or 2 years ago and he scored perfect on all pretests put then did much worse on the actual GED tests i was hoping someone could tell me what i need to study or give me a link to a site that has a test that covers all the same stuff as the real thing (any links on GED prep would be appreciated)

Actually the Real GED is easier then the GED official practice test.
Here is a very good website; Steck Vaughn is the company that make official GED practice test, so the practice tests on this website is official GED practice questions, if you do well on these sections then you are defiantly ready for the GED.


Good luck

If I wanted to be a theoretical physicist, where would I start?

Since I was young, I’ve always loved physics. Sadly, math has been a weak point of mine since the second grade. Due to this, I focused only on English, which lead to a lack of scientific ability as well.
My love for physics comes from the theories, and the understandings. Obviously, it is very hard for most physicists to communicate effectively with words, because they are trying to explain mathematical problems.
The above, and a few books, have lead me to want to become a physicists.
To do this, I’d need to know what classes to take. I’d need to know which branch of physics someone with a lesser mathematical ability should be involved in. I concede that I must know math at an exceptional level to be involved in physics, but, at this time of life, it would be hard for me to be as good as a prodigy.
I haven’t started college yet. Right now, I’m 17, and living in Florida. I dropped out of high school, but my GED Pretest scores were perfect, save for the math scores. I’m going to start a pretest course tomorrow, in hopes of raising my math score high enough, that I will score in the top five percentile, and earn a scholarship. I already have four years of college paid for, but every bit helps!
Also, if there is anything online that I would be able to look up, that would be effective in helping me understand physics of any sort, please let me know. (Most of what I’ve seen online is for people who’ve studied physics for a while, or at least in a high school course.)

If you look at Gerard’t Hooft’s page on HOW to BECOME a GOOD THEORETICAL PHYSICIST (http://www.phys.uu.nl/~thooft/theorist.html), some of the topics cited in the Superstring Theory page are not listed, namely:
1- Homology
2- Cohomology
3- Homotopy
4- Fiber Bundles
5- Characteristics Classes
6- Index Theorems
7- Graded Lie Algebras, Spinors, Grassman Numbers, etc.

Below are some links that will really help you.

question about taking the GED?

i live in new york city and i am currently starting my GED training program to prepare for the real test.like taking practice pretests,teachers helping you out on certain subjects and everything.but i was wondering when i qualify to take the actual exam if i fail it will i have to do the whole process again or can i just retake it until i pass until im 21.thanks alot

No you wont have to go through the whole teaching, learning process. The test is in sections, like math, science,etc. You will only retest in areas you are weak in.

someone help me with my GED?

well, i did the clasess online, and i have my age waiver notarized with all three things, but my questions are the following it says:

i need an official withdrawal form – i never oficially droped out of school i just didnt go back the next year.

it says i need to take a pretest and send them a letter that said i passed the pretest attached to my waiver – i took my clasess online so idk how i can get this letter that says i passed.

go to the school you left, they can help you.

Should I pass the GED?

I took a pretest – these were my scores:

Science: 680
Social Studies: 650
Reading Literature: 480
Math: 630
Language Arts Writing: 500

TOTAL: 2940

I completed almost all sections of the test with roughly just half the time I was given to complete.

Should I pass the test?

Are there areas I should study a little bit before I take the full test?

i think you’re very qualified for the GED

Apparently (i’ve never taken the GED) only 2 % of graduating high school students get above 700 or lower than 300. If you could, i would try to bring all your scores up to 500+

on the actual test, you’re scores generally drop 10-30 points due to stress and pressure, unless you do well under stress.

Your reading literature would be your weakest point. Perhaps try to practice to read faster (if you’re running out of time), or slower (if you’re good on time, but not getting it).

either way, you’re scores are very good, it just depends on what the score is used for.

also 2250+ is considered "passing" in most cases, or other states use a 410+ in all five subjects.

I’d say with your scores, go for it!
Good luck

Do you think they got it wrong?

I took the Tabe test (it’s like a test that determines whether or not you’re ready for the GED), and I scored 12th grade level on the math section and 12th grade level on the language section. But I scored a 9th grade level on the reading section. I had the D level test booklet, so the lowest score you can get is the 9th grade level. This means that I would have had to miss almost every question on the reading test to get the score that I got. Since I scored so low on the reading test, I have to take the GED Pretest before the GED test. It doesn’t seem possible to me, because the questions were really really easy. I was sure I aced it. Do you think a mistake could have been made? Maybe I filled in the bubbles wrong, or they scored it wrong. I don’t think I made the mistake because I finished early enough to check my answers twice. What do you think could have happened? Should I ask for a retest? Is it worth it to ask for a retest, or should I just take the GED pretest?

Any help will be much appreciated.

I would ask them about it! Tell them you’re not sure what happened, you might have filled in the answer document wrong or something. Because how is it possible to get a 12 grade score in the language section and not the reading section… Might just be a mistake but see what you can do!

question on taking the GED Exam?

i live in new york city and i am currently starting my GED training program to prepare for the real test.like taking practice pretests,teachers helping you out on certain subjects and everything.but i was wondering when i qualify to take the actual exam if i fail it will i have to do the whole process again or can i just retake it until i pass until im 21.thanks alot

You would only have to take the exam again but not within 4 months…

Do it well the first time!

Good luck!

where can you go to take the ged test .?

don’t need classes already passed the pretest. just need to take the test.

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