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Is an Online High School Diploma the same as a GED Credential?

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should my husband give me a party for getting my GED?

I’m 27 years old and i’m now going back to school for my GED! My husband doesn’t think we should have a party but i think i should? can you give me some help on this please?
i don’t expect him to give me one. it was a conversation we were having and he said he didn’t know if it was proper to have one thats why the question!

Party it up girl!!! Absolutely you should have a party!!! You are graduating!!! Great Job!! Whoo Hoo!!!

If the high school diploma is = to the GED then should a schlarshp winner lose their schlrshp 4 getting a GED?

I think they should get to keep their scholarship. Not be punished for choosing GED.Those who get their GED are just as smart as those who finish high school. My child lost their full scholarship for choosing to get a GED over a high school (GED scores are high) diploma. Isnt’ this discrimination?

1] should have checked the rules for accepting the scholarship
2] colleges have admission criteria – and they almost always include GRADUATING high school.They can esatablish any criteria they want, as long as it is not discriminating against anything illegal. [ sex, race, religion, ethnicity, etc. ]
3] look up the admission requirements to school involved, and whatever he/she signed to accept the scholarship – or maybe you could appeal to the scholarship committee. – AdCouncil – Dollar General Literacy Foundation

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Question on solving problem #5 on pg 121 from geometry homework.

I have a question on solving problem #5 on pg 121 from geometry homework. how can i figure out the area of the circle if there is no numbers to figure out the circumference nor radius? I only have 14 x 14 which is the area of the sq?

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Getting a GED at a community college, How does it work??

I applied to my local community college. I have a assesment test coming up. I really want my GED since i am a high school drop out. How does the college help you get it. Do they just give you books and tell you to go home and study it yourself and come back for the test, Or will they help and give me classes to prep for it?

Why don’t you ask someone at the college?

Most GED programs are run through local Boards of Education.

A few GED questions. Please help.?

Wanting to know where I can get a G.E.D. quickly and how to go about it? Is it possible to take the test thru the mail or do I have to go somewhere and take it? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

You’d probably have to go somewhere to take it, depending on the regulations where you live. Go down to the Adult Education center in your community and ask them how to go about getting a GED. Study hard for it because taking the test can be expensive, especially if you fail.

why are these GED questions so easy please answer.?

are you studying for the test or did you already take it? im not sure why it is so easy but the test is actually less difficult then the study guides lead you to believe.

Is it possible to get a scholarship into a Community College even if you dropped out of HS but getting ur GED?

If u can, what score do you have to get on the GED test ? – try this site. It has info about different US scholarships for college students and their grades requirements.

Eazy GED study? (MATH SPELLING)?

(already took pretest)I HAD A GOOD SCORE!!!!!!!!

Try the Kaplan books. I taught at one of the centers for a little while and was impressed with the quality of product that they turned out.

The link below is to their general book ($15) and will probably be all that you need if your pretest scores were good.