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How does having a GED effect getting into the Navy?

My husband is seriously wanting to join the Navy but he has a GED. Other than getting 15 college credits, scoring higher than average on his asvab, and the fact that they only enlist a few people with GEDs each year, what are the other negatives? Can he still receive a sign on bonus? Is it harder to move up in rank? thanks

It doesn’t. Your husband must have EITHER a GED or have graduated from High School.

For complete Navy enlistment requirements, see this link:

I have a few GED questions? 10 Points?

Okay. So, I’m turning 17 in a little less than 3 weeks.
I’ve failed 9th grade once, and am now in 10th.
I already missed 35 days of school this year.
I’m failing 5 classes.
To be honest, I’m not ‘applying’ myself, because I just don’t want to deal with the High School Drama Bullcrap anymore.
People, are not my forte. I just wanna stop wasting my time in this building with all of these people, and go for my GED Diploma.

My mother however, says that she wants me to finish this year. I have a little less than what? Two months, before it’s over? What am I gonna go for, for them to say, ‘Sorry, you failed?’

How can I convince her to just be okay with me dropping out of my current High School, and applying for a GED?
No, I’m not lazy. I just really dislike the entire concept of High School. GED seems so much more appealing to me. And yes, I’m aware that it’s ‘not quite the same’ as a High School Diploma.
I just don’t care. There’s nothing anyone can say to change my mind about my decision. I just need some feedback of what to tell my mother, so she can stop freaking out?

Thank you so much.

Tell her what you just told us. However it is your life and if you pray for rain you have to deal with the mud too

Should I pass the GED?

I took a pretest – these were my scores:

Science: 680
Social Studies: 650
Reading Literature: 480
Math: 630
Language Arts Writing: 500

TOTAL: 2940

I completed almost all sections of the test with roughly just half the time I was given to complete.

Should I pass the test?

Are there areas I should study a little bit before I take the full test?

i think you’re very qualified for the GED

Apparently (i’ve never taken the GED) only 2 % of graduating high school students get above 700 or lower than 300. If you could, i would try to bring all your scores up to 500+

on the actual test, you’re scores generally drop 10-30 points due to stress and pressure, unless you do well under stress.

Your reading literature would be your weakest point. Perhaps try to practice to read faster (if you’re running out of time), or slower (if you’re good on time, but not getting it).

either way, you’re scores are very good, it just depends on what the score is used for.

also 2250+ is considered "passing" in most cases, or other states use a 410+ in all five subjects.

I’d say with your scores, go for it!
Good luck

Does getting a GED in Texas when you are 17 make you an adult?

I think that I read somewhere before that in Texas if a 17-year-old graduates high school or receives a GED, that they can legally be considered an adult. Is this true? If so, are all limitiations that are imposed on minors gone, such as being able to own property, get married, etc?
actually you can’t get a GED until you’re 17 and even then only if your parent lets you, so your statement "anyone can get a GED," within the scope of my question, is false

Nope, not true. Getting a GED or graduating high school does not make you an adult.

College/GED Questions?

I just turned 18, I’m still in high school. Im a senior but I didnt graduate and they are letting me go back next year to try and finish up for a diploma. However I am thinking about just dropping out and getting a GED. How would that work? Can I apply for one if Im still enrolled in my high school or do I have to drop out first?

Also how would I be able to get into a 4 year university? I dont have the test score or grade requirement. Can I enroll into a 2 year community college and then somehow attend a 4 year university after?

I don’t really know how it works. I was planning on getting a high school diploma but now that Im 18 I just feel like that will take too much time when I can get going in college sooner with a GED.

You would have to officially drop out of high school to take the GED, usually you have had to be out for at least 2 months prior to taking the GED. The GED is scored so that only 40% of graduating seniors would pass; don’t expect it to be easy if you’re having trouble finishing high school. Most colleges accept the GED for admission, or your can certainly go to a community college first. But the high school diploma is worth more than the GED and shows schools/employers you were willing to put in the necessary time and effort to finish the degree – the GED is often seen as the ‘easy way out’. Either way you can’t apply for college until next year, so you might as well just finish the real degree.

Do you think they got it wrong?

I took the Tabe test (it’s like a test that determines whether or not you’re ready for the GED), and I scored 12th grade level on the math section and 12th grade level on the language section. But I scored a 9th grade level on the reading section. I had the D level test booklet, so the lowest score you can get is the 9th grade level. This means that I would have had to miss almost every question on the reading test to get the score that I got. Since I scored so low on the reading test, I have to take the GED Pretest before the GED test. It doesn’t seem possible to me, because the questions were really really easy. I was sure I aced it. Do you think a mistake could have been made? Maybe I filled in the bubbles wrong, or they scored it wrong. I don’t think I made the mistake because I finished early enough to check my answers twice. What do you think could have happened? Should I ask for a retest? Is it worth it to ask for a retest, or should I just take the GED pretest?

Any help will be much appreciated.

I would ask them about it! Tell them you’re not sure what happened, you might have filled in the answer document wrong or something. Because how is it possible to get a 12 grade score in the language section and not the reading section… Might just be a mistake but see what you can do!

High School DIPLOMA vs GED

Stupidly,people seem to believe that because you have a high school diploma that that makes you smarter than someone who has a ged.Thats the most retarded thing that ive heard in my life.Just because you have a diploma doesnt mean that you are any smarter than someone who has a ged

Also many people will hire someone with a high school diploma before they hire someone with a ged and i feel that is so ignorant.Half of the time people who get their high school diplomas just go through school getting passed from grade to grade without really accomplishing and learning anything

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Can I take the GED Test at a Military Education Center?

GED Testing Service answers frequently asked questions about the GED Testing process. For more information, visit:

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how soon after getting you ged can you start college ?

im 17 and i plan on getting my ged so i can get out of school and start college right away and not waste one more year in high school can i start college right away after getting my ged results ?

You can start college as soon as you have your GED results sent the the school of your choice. Do keep in mind the most Universities do not accept the GED so you would have to attend Community College first then transfer. If you can get you High School Diploma that would be your best option.

California GED questions?

First off: I’m 16 & plan on attending make up artistry school after high school.
I’ve already discussed this with my parents and they have no problem with it, except my dad says he won’t pay for MUA school unless I graduate.
I’m smart, but have always had problems with school,
This past year I attended CAVA (it’s an online academy for california residents) for the first time but that didn’t work out because I procrastinate & get distracted easily.
For the past couple of months I’ve been looking into getting my GED.
I KNOW it’s not easy so don’t think I’m just trying to get out of going to school.
I really just want to BE DONE with school already, i feel like it’s holding me back, but I read that you have to be 17 and within 60 days of your 18th birthday to take the GED test, is that true?
and how would I explain all of this to my parents?
Basically: I want to drop out & get my G.E.D. but I’m too young.
I think my parents will be concerned with me dropping out because they don’t want me to regret it later on.
I feel stuck.
I really don’t think I can take another year of high school (I’m a junior), let alone actually pass.
How do I convince my parents that It’s the right thing for me?

i think it’s wiser for you to finish ur last yr in high school.. a high school diploma is better than a GED… you might regret droping out of school. i regret it.

i put a star for u in case my contacts want to answer your question