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How does a mother go about getting a GED and a nursing certification to take care of babies in maternity ward?

Help! I am trying to help my aunt. She doesn’t know where to begin and I am trying to help her. We live in Northeast Philly. She has always wanted to take care of newborns in a maternity ward (feeding, and checking on them, etc).

The fastest/easiest way to get a GED and attend a school is most preferred (I know it seems the easiest way out, but my aunt has a lot on her plate right now).

Thank you!

she can get her ged at college and then get her degree at college

GED help questions for now?

Hey, I have a few questions about the GED:

1. Do i have to be 18 to take it? Im turning 18 in two months, but i would like to take it now.

2. How much does the GED generally cost in california?

3. I simply CANT find a website that has a practice GED test for 2009 online., is there one? No help from google 🙁

4.Can i go to the testing center any day i want for the test? Or is it a one time monthly/yearly/weekly thing?

1. There is no age limits. Only students who dropped out of school can take the GED.

2. The GED test price differs. The link that I have provided is a site from the California Department of Education: The average price is about $ 100.

3. The only sites that have GED practice tests are:

4. You can take the test at any time. There is no actual standard or date that states when you can take the test.

GED test after one year of high school?

Today I finaly realized that I need to step up and take charge of my life. I have to take a GED test becuase of the fact I missed credits from all 4 years of high school(I attended HS in florida missed by 5 credits) and was ready to leave high school. I found out that there is a school in detroit michigan where i am currently at giving the test on wednesdays 8 in the morn im ready to take this test in 4 hours im doing pretests on the net and im finding it kinda hard to remember every little thing about math. My main question is that if I get half of the math section right and I breeze through every thing else what are the chances of me passin this test? and Exactly how hard is this test?? (When I was in florida we had a test in high school called FCAT they made us take pretests and study HARD I failed every pretest , but when the real test came around and I got my scores back and got 4/5 on all my tests)

I wish you the best of luck – it sounds like you will not know how you are going to do until the test.

Good Luck!!!

Angel’s Story – Getting My GED and Going To College

1eoro1,, Each One Reach OneAngel’s Story – Getting My GED and Going To College

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What are the Benefits of Earning a GED Credential?

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What are the chances of getting into a good college with a ged?

I want to go to NYU but I want to go to a community college first then get transferd. If I got high scores on my SATS and do good and pass the GED test is this possible?

Also, would they look at my high school records, even though I dropped out?


I can’t say for sure if you’d get into NYU because I live on the opposite side of the country. But, I am sure you can get a good university education with a GED. I went straight to university with a GED after dropping out. Just do well on the SAT/ACT and try getting a high school on the GED (I had an almost perfect score on mine—it’s pretty easy!). Get yourself a good GED practice book and you should do fine on it. And yes, admissions will want to look at your high school records even if you didn’t complete all four years.

ARMY GED questions ?

So I am GED holder that is hoping to enlist in the Army. However my recruiter says starting in Oct they may not be accepting GED’s anymore. This really only affects me because I turn 18 in October, so it’s the earliest I can enlist. Does anyone know the probability of this? And other things that are changing?

With Oct 1 being the start of a new fiscal year it is possible.
However, I would not be overly concerned with it. Fort Jackson, the Army’s largest training post, is doing a pilot project to help service members who have not yet obtained their diploma or GED to obtain one before starting basic training. To me – that means the plan is not likely to change in the near future.

How do you write a….?

How do you write a really good essay? I am writing my GED Pretest tomorrow, and there is an essay that I must complete. I am a bit ashamed that I do not remember how to write a good essay. Can someone help me?
Please and Thanks.
(No rude comments please)

this is the outline for a persuasive essay but it works for others too

introduce your thesis in the intro paragraph
paragraph 2-cover part of your argument (just one aspect)
paragraph 3 (optional)-cover the second part
paragraph 4-cover final part-should be most convincing part
paragraph 5-reword and restate your thesis (what you are argueing) and sum everything up

most important: Stick to your thesis, don’t wander off on to unecessary information trails Visit

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Can You Make a GED Test Score into a G.P.A.?

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