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How would I find out my scores for a GED test I took back in 1970 (Erie County)?

I took my Ged when I was in Attica…I been living in ohio for the past 37 years, but I need to know how to get my scores.
Thank you

Trying checking with the board of education in the city/county you took the test. They have to have it on file somewhere.

How would having a GED effect getting a job as a corporate lawyer?

After I get my degree from college, would having a GED effect my entrance into a Law School, if so how bad? Also after law school, would having a GED effect finding a job?

By that time your GED will not matter. Focus on getting into your UG school, and getting good grades. Your employers will not care that you got a GED either, although they might want to know your SAT and LSAT scores (oddly).

what kind of questions can i expect to see on the ged exam?

will it be easy. some say all you need is a 9th grade education. if this is true, then why do exam prep books show alg II, trig, geometry.

ged exam model questions

If you get a 38 on your ASVAB…is there a good chance you’ll do good or bad on the GED test?

my fiance got a 38 on the ASVAB…is there a good chance he’ll do good on the pretest for the GED test…and get to take the GED without classes?

38 is pretty low. I would have to say don’t hold your breathe. He more than likely will need the classes. I skidded through high school, and I was still able to make a 93 on the ASVAB. Since the GED is a test of the skills you would have learned in high school. I would have to insist that he take the classes if for no other reason than it is not too smart to just barely get by in life.

After Meps when are the soonest GED Plus Program start dates?

i have been looking all over to find out the soonest ged plus program start dates and havent found anything, i go to meps may 10, in columbus ohio and after that im elegible for the ged plus program can anyone tell me when the start dates are or a website to look at them? also do you get sent straight to BCT after u finish the ged plus program? thanks for the help

you wont find anything because that program no longer exists

What is the difference between a ged and getting a high school diploma when you graduate?

I was wondering if they are different. Can you take the test for your ged because you want to finish high school early?

The GED is a general diploma, which does not bear the name of a particular school or school district. The GED test purports to test the minimum skills one would need to graduate from high school.

I would not take this route except as a last resort. There’s no transcript or grade associated with a GED, and it is generally agreed upon that this is no substitute for actually going to high school, participating in the daily life there, and graduating by meeting all the district’s requirements. Most colleges (community colleges excepted) take a dim view of a GED unless it is accompanied by sparkling SAT or ACT scores.

If your goal is simply to finish high school early and you’re a good student, simply take summer school classes or some classes at your local college that will count for both high school and college credits. Most areas have these programs.

Best wishes!

A few questions about getting a GED?

I’m planning on taking my GED, but I was just wondering about a few things..
1) Are the classes the same times as school hours? (I have a job so it might be hard for me..)
2) If you decide to take your GED but don’t like it, are you able to go back to high school?
3) How does the GED thing work?
4) Any other information you can give me would be great!
Thanks soo much for all the help, I appreciate it!

1) While I attended GED classes, it took 4 hours a day (Mon-Thurs) but this may be different depending on where you live. It also took me 5 months to pass the entire course.
2) I had a court order tell me to get my GED so I really had no other choice but to take the classes but I think you may return to school depending with a district approval.
3) The GED exam is compiled of 5 different subjects. Science, Social Studies, Reading, Math, and Writing. You can either take 3 subjects one day and take the other 2 the next day, or take the entire test during the course of one Saturday.
4)Your going to need an ID and Social Security if your going to take the test. It costs $80 for the entire test. If you fail you’ll have to wait 6 months to test again or you can get an approval for an instant retest by getting permission from your GED school teacher. Also a retest for each subject will cost you $16 a piece.
I don’t know if the same rules apply for other States but this is how I managed to get it done in Texas. Good luck on getting your GED and if there’s anything else you want to know about the GED exam and GED schooling feel free to Email me from my profile. ^_^

Is the GED as hard as some people say it is?

I have to take the GED in two hours and I was wondering if I should be this nervous. I have done so many pretests and passed them but im getting really worried. Is it as hard as some people say it is?

You should not worry if you have done well on the pretests./ Worry will just cause a poorer grade.It is not difficult if you are of normal intelligence and have prepared for the examination.

How To Get Your GED

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Dropping out of high school doesn’t have to mean the end of your educational career. You can earn a General Education Development diploma, also known as a GED.

To complete this How-To you will need:

Practice tests
A GED class provider
study skills
Internet access (optional)
Sample tests (optional)
Discipline (optional)
Special accomodations (optional)

Step 1: Understand the test

Know that the GED is five tests: writing, reading, social studies, math, and science

Step 2: Determine your level

Determine your skill level in each of the subject areas by taking practice tests.

Tip: Find sample practice tests online, or contact a community provider of GED classes.

Step 3: Study

Study for the GED subject areas where you received the lowest score.

Tip: You can study on your own without going to class, but you’ll need discipline.

Step 4: Schedule an exam

Schedule an exam by going through a program or contacting your state GED examiner.

Tip: GED testing centers will provide special accommodations if you have a documented learning disability.

Step 5: Celebrate

Celebrate your accomplishment when you have earned the GED.

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How Many People Take the GED Test?

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