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GED and High School Diploma?

I am a New York State HS student and I am a candidate for the NYS Advanced Regents Diploma. I have the oppurtunity to go away to college in my senior year (I’m definitely taking it, so no advice there, please),. Unfortunately, I won’t qualify for as much financial aid uinless I have a GED. My school willl allow me to dual enroll and graduate ater my senior year with whatever credits I earned when I was away, but will I be able to have a diploma and a GED?

No, you get a diploma or a GED not both. A diploma looks better than a GED as far as employers are concerned!

GED in the state of ohio?

I’m 17, can I get m GED in the state of Ohio?

I guess techinically I have to dropout first to go get it, do I need my parents permission??
I have my mom’s full support, it just isn’t realistic that I’m going to graduate. I’m going to be 18 in august, and I’m still stuck in 10th grade.
I don’t have my Dad’s permission, and he’s probably gonna blow a fuse when I tell him.

If you know the answer to any of these question, please answer.
Also, advice to the situation welcome as well.


Yeah you would need to drop out first. You should talk to your school guidance counselor about this, and ask him/her what your realistic chances of graduating are. And if your chances of graduating are highly unlikely than it probably would make more sense to just get your GED and then go to a community college or career/technical college and move on with your life.

What are my options in getting my high school diploma or GED?

I have already passed my exit exam for high school with advanced scores, and i’m a senior working on attaining enough credits to graduate. Recent circumstances are making it difficult for me to attend. I would like to know if i can take college courses in time i have and still get my diploma, or an at home program, or anything. Can i still get my diploma, or is my only option getting a GED? I can give additional details upon request.

The most probable answer is yes, you can take college level work to fulfill your high school diploma requirements, but it is something you need to work out with your school counselor and also with the administration office about your absenteeism. If you can get the diploma worked out, do that before opting for a GED. A GED is not your best course of action, especially if you want to get into university or be considered for better jobs.

Good luck.

What can you do if you don’t understand a questions in GED?

can you ask the teacher in the exam room if you don’t understand the questions?

yes you can.

I passed my pretest and my GED 1st try on both?

I was tutured for 1 mon 2 times a week,i was very nevous about passing both the pretsest and GED.It has been 16 yrs since i quit school(one of the dumbest things i have ever done).I now have my GED and it was fairly easy,easier than i expected.With having this do you think i will still be able to get a decent job?Because being that i quit school may not look good in employers eyes.I’v had high paying jobs in the past,but they were extremely physicaly hard,and i don’t want to have to work like that the rest of my life.

the fact that you went back for your GED is impressive. CONGRATULATIONS!! and i know your employers will look at it the same way. it shows dedication and ambition plus you passed it the first time! while you’re at it, why not try for an associate degree? its cheaper than a bachelors, takes less time and it increases your expected salary and the work wouldn’t be physically hard. you can always go back for a bachelors when you can afford it (school is EXPENSIVE whew!). don’t worry, your future looks great. good luck!!!

Getting my GED when i already have a college degree

I have a Bachelors Degree In Computer Science. I graduated High School in 1997. My wife failed to graduate high school do to a poor bringing up. Even if you have a college education and graduated from high school you can still take and get your GED. Crazy and pointless , but im doing it to support my wife.
I’m actually studying a lot because most of this data I have forgot.
So wish my wife and i lick please.

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GED Official Practice Test

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What Do I Need to do to Pass the GED Test?

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Is there a college in ohio where i can study for my ged and study full time for my major?

My guess is that many of the community colleges will offer courses towards the GED and you could also take courses that would transfer to a University for your major.

Ohio Community Colleges
Ohio Ass. of Community Colleges

Ohio Dept. of Education FAQ page about the GED
(at the bottom there is an email address you can write to get more information or advice)

Here’s some information from Owens Community College